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PX3 stands for purpose, passion, and performance. It is a pan-European private equity firm with headquarters in London. It invests behind transformative themes and targets companies operating within select segments of the business services, consumer and leisure, and industrials sectors with strong business fundamentals.

PX3 is committed to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams build great businesses through transformative growth internationally and operational improvement.

PX3 is the continuation and consolidation of the founding partners’ investment strategy and their relationship-focused and distinctive value creation model honed over 20 years working together.

Expertise gathered from investing

What if we could all benefit from the experience gathered over two decades of investing and supporting management teams in building great companies. What if we could access the insight amassed over numerous investments. From investments that stretch out across continents, sectors, and business models. What if we could help understand the optimal conditions to deliver returns. What could we achieve together.

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Our View on ESG

We founded Px3 under the belief that things can be done differently. We aim to create a firm that is the ideal destination for industry visionaries to perform their best work. We seek to harness the purpose and passion of our employees and companies to achieve superior performance. Purpose, passion, and performance are the core principles that guide us in creating returns. In our view, ESG is a core driving force behind them.

We want to look back and be proud of how we treated people and the world around us and to have made a positive impact. We strive to invest in companies that have the potential to make positive change, share our values and are governed to the highest ethical standards. We then work together with these leaders to implement sustainability initiatives at a pace that matches the sense of urgency required to address the world’s societal and environmental challenges.

a focused investment strategy

Focus and conviction help us decide who to work with and which companies we seek to invest in. Companies that are poised to benefit from the transformative themes we seek to underwrite. Companies in targeted segments of business services, consumer and leisure, and industrials. Companies with strong business fundamentals. Because conviction matters. Because focus makes the difference.

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sustainability related disclosures


Px3 considers the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) through the direct transparency of sustainability integration. The SFDR has required disclosure since 10th of March 2021 and thus Px3 has prepared the relevant policy and disclosure documentation.

The considerations within the SFDR designate certain entity and product-level requirements so that investors are appropriately informed of adverse sustainability impacts, the promotion of environmental and/or characteristics and sustainable investment criteria.

Our entity-level SFDR policies are found here:

Adverse Impact Policy
Remuneration Policy
Sustainable Risk Policy

Our product-level SFDR disclosures related to our funds which promote environmental and/or social characteristics (Article 8) may be found here:

SFDR Article 8 – Fund I

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A differentiated approach

A focused strategy

Our investment strategy provides us with focus and differentiated conviction. This helps drive speed of execution and delivery.

Proven value creation

Our bespoke value creation methodology, Connected Acceleration™, combines systematised value creation levers with a dynamic community of select, core, and trusted "external talent". All to help management teams build even greater businesses.

building across cycles

We have invested, helped create value, and supported management teams across economic cycles. Delivering in both good times and the most turbulent of times.

international DNA

With over 20 years of living and moving seamlessly across continents, the team at PX3 has invested, built relationships, and helped European companies grow internationally across Europe, North America, and Asia. We know who to connect to.

relationship focus

We are proud to have demonstrated an ability to understand, connect with, and partner with European families and entrepreneurs. We also have extensive experience of building the trust needed to facilitate corporate carveouts in multiple situations. For us, relationships make all the difference.

What if we thought of working together in a different way

We live by a set of promises we have made to ourselves and others. Promises we stand by. To seek out those who embrace purpose and passion. We promise to treat people the way we want to be treated. We care about the world we live in and the world we leave behind. To work with and invest with like-minded partners. To connect with those who also love what they do. And to celebrate those that seek to perform and for whom performance matters. We invest to accelerate people.